Indian Artifacts Exhibit

Dwight Howe, Omaha/Ponca Indian, was consulted in the cataloging, listing and descriptions of the Native American Indian artifacts on display. Mr. Howe received archival research training from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., his blog tells of his research, Mr. Howe, a Marine Corps veteran and traditional dancer, teaches the Omaha language at St. Augustine's Indian Mission in Winnebago and serves as their Cultural Mentor. He currently resides in Rosalie, Ne. on the Omaha Indian reservation and can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The indian artifacts are part of the Herbert Paine' Shumway Collection.  Shumay was the eldest son of Jeremiah and Mary Maria Shumway, was born April 18th, 1856, in Houston county, Minnesota.  He attended Caledonia Academy, and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1882 with the degree of B.S.  He came to Nebraska in 1882 where he engaged in the lumber business at Wakefield, NE which added coal and farm machinery.  He served three terms in the State Senate: 1891-92, 1913-14, 1915-16.  Shumway married Miss Helen Howard, Sept. 24, 1883, and to his union were born five children.

See case itemized listing after the photo gallery below.

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Artifact Photo Gallery

Case 1

Shelf 1:

#259- 8” Stick wrapped in leather with Deer Hooves, attached 12” rattle

#255- 6” Handle fully beaded 15” leather blue, white, red gold beads

No Tag- 17” Stick wrapped in beads with 4 bands, yellow, blue, and blue with red borders on each color

#262- 18” Stick rapped in red nylon

No Tag- Canoe trinket

#254- 9” Handle, 13” leather nylon wrapping, brown, dark brown with white weaving

#253- Horsehair quirt nylon wrap 7” stack with 3” leather in black and white. A quirt is a riding whip with a short handle and a rawhide lash

#227- 7” Handle 13” leather with nylon wrapping in 3 color weave in orange, brown & dark brown

Assorted Arrowheads on shelf

Shelf 2:

Assorted arrowheads

No Tag-Trade Tomahawk- Popular trade items and eventually souvenirs

No Tag- Arrow Shaft with hawk feather dyed blue and red

No Tag- 2 Bracelets

Shelf #3
20 years collection of arrowheads varied size from 1944 to1965

#201- Partially beaded child’s vest with three wood buttons possibly Winnebago or Omaha in origin

No Tag-Large stones

No Tag- Canoe

Shelf 4:

#232- Leather Winter Coat with Fringe and Cloth lining possibly non Indian

No Tag- Leather Leggings with Fringe and Beaded Inlay Design possibly Lakota Sioux

No Tag- Two Sets of Chaps made of leather with fringe possibly Ho-chunk flower pattern design on side near pockets, by they are not Indian made, could be by settler’s wife.  Metal buckle in the back and buttons for the fly in the front

Case 2

Shelf 1:

#234-Beaded bag

No Tag- Clear #10 beads

#215- Small green pouch, red and black designs strap has porcupine wrapping

No Tag- Wooded stem with small black L shaped bowl, burn pattern on stem, no tribal affiliation

No Tag-Beaded drop with leather tied ends, with three separate ties unique stitching

Shelf 2:

#261- Fully beaded purse with metal handle locking clasp with wrapped porcupine as decorations

# 218- Fully beaded purse with handle round metal clasp with metal frame, cross design is Sioux Four Directions

# 247- Green pouch bag partially beaded

Unfinished moccasin possible Winnebago pattern

No Tag- Woman’s moccasins

#232- One moccasin right foot partially beaded Four Direction Dakota Sioux symbol

Shelf 3:

#265- Beads sewn together on a loom- no descript pattern

No Tag- Women’s moccasins possible Winnebago /Omaha

No Tag- Beaded pouch

3No Tag- Men’s moccasin fully beaded Dakota Sioux design, white & green patterns

Shelf 4:

#230- Leather pouch no tribal design

No Tag- Folded purse with metal thunderbird attached to a clasp on the inside zippered with a tag on the inside “Original Chimayo Purse Hand Made by Ganscraft” Note- Found it on EBay listed as 2930’s vintage hand woven zippered purse.

No Tag- Beaded vest

Case 3

No Tag- Doll with blanket Winnebago

No Tag- Doll with rug trinket item

#217, #219, #248, #249 Children’s toy baby in cradles possible Dakota Sioux Design

No Tag- Small beaded canoe trinket no tribal affiliation

Case 4

Shelf 1:

#206 and #238 necklaces possible Dakota pattern

#154- Small square box with pieces of clay inside.  Writing on back of box, “Found May 20, 1915” Possibly form an earth lodge.

To Tag- Large string of Dentalium Shells

Shelf 2:

#205- child’s vest fully beaded with shells with green cloth fringe on shoulders

No Tag- Large string of Dentalium shells

Case 5

Shelf 1:

#242- Small red pouch with floral design with blue beaded trim

No Tag-Strings of #10 beads in red, blue, light blue, and yellow

No Tag- 5 strands of yellow beads

Shelf 2:

No Tag- Book with leather cover, trim inlay with porcupine quills. A. B. Clark’s
“English-Dakota Service Book of Common Prayer” was first printed in 1875 and was published in 1900 by the Indian Commission of the Protestant Episcopal Church

No Tag-Pouch with red porcupine quills inside

#235- Matching pair of child’s moccasins with dyed porcupine quill with brown trim

#216- Beaded quill pouch made from either a bladder of cow or a buffalo

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