Gardner Library Board meeting was held on May 8th.

  • The meeting was called to order by President Carol Mortensen at 5:07. Carol- yes, Jena- yes, Amanda- yes, Pat- yes, Teresa- absent. Also present Heather Boatman, librarian
  • Minutes were reviewed. Motion made to approve minutes by Amanda, seconded by Pat.
  • Financial Statements were reviewed.Heather will check on 4280 for $822.
  • Heather gave the Director’s Report
  • Evan came in and worked on the computers. Heather bought some DVDs and plans to put the cases in the stand where the paper backs are and the DVDs will be in the office. Heather discussed free little library (boxes to put around town with books for people to take or even donate their own) Heather will check with Miller’s for a quote.
  • Reviewed Children’s Librarian’s Report and the Technology Plan
  • Old Business:None
  • New Business: Pat made a motion for Heather to buy a new shredder in the price range of $50. Amanda seconded
  • Jena left at 5:50
  • Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Amanda. Seconded by Pat
  • Meeting was adjourned at 6:05
  • Next Meeting will be June 12, at 5:00

Gardner Library Board meeting was held on April 10.  

  • The meeting was called to order by President Carol Mortensen at 5:02.  Jenna-yes, Teresa-yes,Carol -yes, Heather-yes, Pat -yes and, Amanda-yes.
  • March minutes were read .  Motion by Amanda to approve minutes Seconded by Jenna
  • Reviewed the March Financial Statement 
  • Heather gave the Director's Report
  • V-Tech Phones have been causing problems.  Heather purchased a new phone with 2 extra hand sets.
  • NNPPD donated $200.00 to the library.  This money will be used to buy kid books.  Thank yous have been sent.
  • The Library Foundation was sent a list of wants to go along with the technology plan.  Some items on the list were 4 desk tops, 10 monitors ( so we would have all the same), 2 laptops, I-pad, Rasp. Pi3, and a bar code reader for self checkout.
  • Discussion on how long a "guest" can stay on computer.  Heather noted if the library is busy they get half hour on.  
  • Job description for computer tech.was review.   Wage was set at $12.00 per hour with a probationary time of six months.  Heather will find out if Evan Overfelt will be an employee or contractor.
  • Heather will order movies using memorial money.  
  • New Business:  None
Motion was made by Jena to adjourn.  Seconded by Amanda. Ayes: Pat, Teresa, Carol, and Heather  
Meeting was adjourned at 5:59

Library Board Minutes March 13, 2017

  • Meeting was called to order at 5:08 by President Carol Mortensen. 
  • Roll call.   Members present were:  Pat, Teresa, Jena, Amanda, Director Heather.
  • Visitor was Mary Clime
  • Minutes from February meeting were read.  Motion to approve was made by Jena.  Seconded by Amanda
  • Directors Report
  • Lori Nicholson talked to Evan Overfelt about being the libraries computer tech.  Evan would take over for Andrew Contreres.  Evan will be attending Wayne State College in the fall.  Evan would be able to be here on a regular basis.  Lori contacted Andrew about this and he was fine with Evan taking over these duties. Heather was present when Lori contacted Andrew.  Andrew was getting paid $30 per hour.  It was decided by the board to have Mary, Heather and Lori to
  • create a job description, by April 10ths meeting,  for Evan so he knows his expectations. 
  • Motion was made by Teresa  to proceed with this decision.  Seconded by Amanda
  • After the board reads and approves the job description, salary for Evan will be decided. 
  • Bibliostat:  All information on what the library has done all year.  ( money spent, patrons visited, programs held)
  • Heather went to a survey meeting in Randolph.  Richard Miller of the Nebraska Library Commission, talked about what has to be done to be an accredited library. To receive state aid for money to purchase new books Gardner Public Library has to have one person from the board  go to local city council meeting one time a year to notify them of library activities, funds, programs.  This has to be done by a board member and not the director.  Teresa will be the board member going to the April City Council Meeting.  The second thing the library has to do for accrediation is to form a strategic survey.  This survey will focus on what the biggest community issues are and get a committee together on how the library can help with this.  (i.e. classes, central place for distribution on necessities do to a devastation of sort.)  this committee. can have no more then 2 board members.
  • Heather will look at previous things that are included on the strategic survey and share with board at April's meeting.  Also,  the board has to have a combined total of 20 credit adult education classes. 
  • Lori N. has loaded Windows 10 on 2 pods of computers.  There is an interest in having a Windows 10 class.  Heather will look for instructor to teach these.  Heather will ask Lori if she has anyone in mind who could teach this class
  • There is still a problem with ice build up where people park.
  • There was no family night.  Mary will be holding this on Thursday mornings instead.  This is a trial basis to see how it goes.
  • Mary was here to answer questions on grants/funds we receive.  We send a record of money spent and what we bought back the  grantor.  
  • The Tech plan with Lori N., Heather and Mary is a 3-year plan.
  •  Report by May on how technology is going.  Technology is important to the library.  There are state expectations and Library Commission expectations on Technology.  Gardner Public Library is a Media Center so it needs to include: technology, books, and other forms for research.
  • Graves Library Foundation is working on getting it's own financial account along with getting its own credit card.
  • Mary was here to get boards question's on a possible purchase on a Smart T.V.  Some of the questions asked of her were:
  • Why do we need Netflix?
  • Why would we need it for applications?
  • How often would it be used?
  • When would it be used?
  • Whats the purpose of having a Smart T.V. overall?
  • Mary will present answers to these questions at our regular April Board Meeting.
  •  Jena left meeting at 6:07.


  • Library Board Minutes February 13, 2017
  • The regular meeting of the Gardner Public Library Board Meeting was called to order on Monday, Feb. 13 at 5:07 by President Carol Mortensen.  Members present were: Director Heather Boatman, Pat Lunz, Amanda Newton, Jena Kaufman, and Teresa Soderberg.
  • Minutes of the last meeting were read. Motion made by Amanda to accept miinutes.  Seconded by Jenna
  • Financial Statement from January was discussed.  Question was raised on why there was a purchase of birdseed.  Heather informed us that the Wakefield Elementary Student Council members come to library to do certain jobs.  One of the jobs being to feed the birds in the artriu
  • Heather informed us that grant money library receives goes to the city in a fund for library, not the general fund, so that either Heather or Mary can use credit card for purchases.
  • Banners in front of library are made by Mary for library advertisements.
  • The Valentine's Day Party was held on January 11.  Youth who attended enjoyed having the book Crankenstein read to them, along with games and races ,which were held in the Christian Church's yard.  Each participant was given a small stuffed bear.
  • Heather informed us that on March 2, Lori Nicholsen and Wayne State students will be here to update our computers.  
  • Brad Kellogg, from W.H.O., will be hosting a program on Orphan Grain Train, March 6, at 5:00, at the library,  W.H.O. will provide a luncheon
  • Heather will be taking duplicated and refurbished books to the Pender Jail for inmates.
  • The 25 inch Smart T.V. purchase was discussed.  Motion made by Amanda to decline this purchase.  Seconded by Jena 
  • Heather is going to look into the cost of getting Worldbook on the internet.
  • Michael Foods has asked if there will be a class on how to fill out a job application in English/non-english
  • Mary would like to implement a family evening storytime starting in March.  The time would be from 5:30-6:15.  It was approved by the board to let Mary proceed with this activity.
  • Summer Reading Program Theme for this summer:  Zoo at the library.  Ages for kids to participate will be 3 and up.  Discussion of possibly having a book club for middle school age during the summer.
  • 4-H with Amy Topp and her ideas.
  • Update on moving the children's area to another part of the library.  Heather will ask Mary to come to a meeting so Mary can share her ideas.
  • There is an interest in a class on Windows 10.  Problem is the library still has Window 7.  Those who would want to participate would have to bring their own computer.
  • Motion to adjourn by Pat at 6;20
  • Seconded by Amanda
  • Next Meeting will be March 13 at 5:00
  •  Secretary, Teresa Soderberg
  • Library Board Minutes January 9, 2017

    Meeting is called to order by President Carol Mortenson at 5:07 p.m. The Open Meeting Act Notice Display was brought to attention.

    Roll Call: Present: Carol Mortenson, Amanda Newton, Teresa Soderberg, Jena Kaufman, and Pat Lunz. Also present was Librarian Heather Boatman

    Librarian’s Director Report was reviewed. Highlights of her report were: Bibliostat, computer maintenance by WSC Professors, possible purchase of iPads or laptops to accommodate children’s computer needs. Debbie Johnson will review the website. Assistant Librarian Mary Climer would like a separate Children’s Area. Mary is interested in a PayPal account.

    Minutes of the last meeting were read. Amanda made a motion to approve the minutes, and Jenna made the second.
    Ayes: Carol, Amanda, Teresa, Jena, Pat. Nays: none. Motion carried.

    Discussion on Smart TV with moveable stand was discussed: cost vs. benefits.

    Christmas Readings may be expanded to upper Elementary Classes. Heather will check with teachers.

    Webinar Hours need to be completed by board members before the end of June.

    Election of Officers were held: Amanda made a motion for one candidate each, and Jena made the second.
    Ayes: Carol, Amanda, Teresa, Jena, Pat. Nays: none. Motion Carried.

    Amanda made the motion to elect Carol Mortensen as President. Jena made the second.
    Ayes: Carol, Amanda, Teresa, Jena, Pat. Nays: none.

    Amanda made a motion to elect Jena Kaufman as Vice President. Pat made the second.
    Ayes: Carol, Amanda, Teresa, Jena, Pat. Nays: none

    Pat made a motion to elect Teresa Soderberg as Secretary. Amanda made the second.
    Ayes: Carol, Amanda, Teresa, Jena, Pat. Nays: none

    Jena made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Amanda made the second.
    Ayes: Carol, Amanda, Teresa, Jena, Pat. Nays: none. Meeting adjourned at 5:59 p.m.

    (Next meeting: Monday February 13, 2017)

December 8th Library Board Minutes

  • Present: Jena Kaufman, Pat Lunz, Amanda Newton and Eunice Johnson. Carol Mortenson joined the meeting later.
  • The Open Meetings Act Notice is posted and all members were directed to take note.
  • The November minutes were reviewed. Jenna moved to approve the minutes and Amanda seconded the motion.
  • The board reviewed the financial statements and there were no questions or concerns.
  • Heather gave the director’s report. Elementary school kids will be coming to the library on December 12 for Christmas story time. Lori Nicholson and two students are updates and fixing problems on the old computers. A hub has been ordered for the south group of computers. The speed on the computers has been updated to 15Mbps. Taste of Wakefield brought 101 people into the library. A movie was shown after school on the Wed. before Thanksgiving. Heather went to Columbus to meet about the library accreditation. We have received a provisional Silver Level Accreditation. The Life Skills class from the Wakefield school will no longer be coming to the library.
  • Having a steak dinner fundraiser in February was discussed. It was decided not to do the fund raiser this year.
  • Computer classes were discussed. A basic skills class will be held in February. We also discussed the possibility of having a Pintrest or Shutterfly class. Heather will check into the possibility of these classes.
  • Heather gave the board an update on her health.
  • The provisional Silver Level accreditation was received until Heather can complete more work on the strategic plan.
  • The outside painting will not be completed until the weather is warmer. It was also brought to our attention that the roof on the library should be checked for possible damage from storms in the past.
  • Heather reviewed with us issues with the transactions/balances with the library foundation. She is checking into the situation.
  • The library will be closed December 24 & 25 as well as January 1, 2015.
  • Motion to adjourn was made by Jenna and seconded by Amanda.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:05.
  • Next meeting will be January 12, 2015


November 10th Library Board Minutes

  • Present: Jena Kaufman, Pat Lunz, Carol Mortenson and Eunice Johnson.
  • The Open Meetings Act Notice is posted and all members were directed to take note.
  • The October 13, 2014 minutes were reviewed and approved with the change of movies being shown with a rating of P rather than PG13.
  • The board reviewed the financial statements and there were no questions or concerns.
  • No directors report was given.
  • Carol Mortenson brought a sample of a dip which we decided to use for the Taste of Wakefield. Carol will purchase all supplies and Carol and Eunice will prepare the dip.
  • Amanda Newton was the name given, and approved, to be our new board member.
  • Lori Nicholson had talked to Pat about the increased internet service. She does recommend that we increase our service since she has heard complaints from patrons. The board agreed that this should be done. Pat will talk to Lori about this process.
  • The wages increases for library employees was discussed.
  • Pat discussed with the board several concerns she has about our library director. It was decided that the director needed to be made aware of these concerns. Pat will visit with Heather about the situation.
  • Motion to adjourn was made by Carol and seconded by Jena.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:05.
  • Next meeting will be December 8,2014.


October 13th Library Board Minutes

  • Present: Library director Heather Boatman, Pat Lunz, Carol Mortenson, Eunice Johnson, Jena Kaufman and Vicki Garton
  • The Open Meetings Act Notice is posted and all members were directed to take note.
  • August 11, 2014 minutes reviewed and approved as written.
  • The board reviewed financial statements; there were no questions or concerns.
  • Library report given by director Heather.
  • Outside pillar will be repaired by the painter who originally painted it at no charge.
  • Community club coffee is being hosted at the library October 9 by the board.
  • New water fountain has been installed.
  • Survey results have been compiled showing how the library can help with Wakefield issues. This is part of the accreditation process.
  • The board discussed whether the board members need to be listed on the library’s website or not. Feel it would be helpful if concerns arise that don’t want to be addressed to the director. The consensus was the members do not have an issue with being listed on the website.
  • Motion to adjourn made by Carol, seconded by Eunice. Motion carried.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:03 pm.
  • Next meeting will be October 13, 2014 at 5:05 pm.